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About LLC

Our History

In his career, Jack has assisted with the challenges of businesses  to lead them to greatness. The most recent business was struggling to meet its budget of less than $300,000 to exceed it in 2016 to more than than $1.8 million in revenue. His knowledge and experience are now available  to assist your business tackle its greater challenges! 

University of South Carolina, Business Administration, Columbia, SC 

Southeastern Seminary, Master Of Divinity with Languages  Wake Forest, NC


  • Aha! Process, Highlands TX                 Certified trainer:   
    • Getting Ahead in the Workplace 
    • Gettin' Ahead in a Just Gettin'  By World
  • Stanford University, Nonprofit Management Institute, Palo Alto, CA
  • NeighborWorks America, Community Development Institute Los Angeles, CA
  • DePaul University, Asset-Based Community Development, Chicago, IL 

"Jack Little is an outstanding visionary utilizing his tremendous vision, strategic planning and executions to motivate others to be their best while serving others. He has a wide range of gifts."     Linda Johnson, Outreach Coordinator: Olympic Games, Atlanta, 1996; 

World Cup Games in Orlando, 2005.  

Our Mission

   Our mission is to assist organizations successfully address their challenges to create thriving futures.

   Many of today's organizations are searching for ways to succeed in the highly competitive world of economic growth. LLC offers proven methods to propel your business to new a new future.


-Elected top choice for ‘People to Watch’ by the readers of Moultrie News,   2014

-Voted “The Best of the Best” of Nonprofits by readers of Moultrie News   2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

-Chosen best nonprofit by readers of Mt. Pleasant Magazine 

  2016 and 2017

-Presented Angel Award by South Carolina Secretary of State, 2012

- Awarded SCORE’s National Award for Progressive Businesses in 2009

- Achieved Charleston Magazine and Coastal Community Foundation’s annual “Giving Back Community Spirit” award in 2009



Fund Development

Annual Campaign

Capital Campaigns

Comprehensive Campaigns

Fund Raisers

Grant Writing

Marketing and Public Relations

Strategic approach utilizing all mediums to blend marketing and PR for branding campaigns 

Cost Analysis

Evaluation of administrative and operating expenses to maximize your service/admin ratio

Vision Planning

Dreaming of what 'could be' and making your vision become a reality.

Program Development

Program planning and implementation on  limited budgets. 

Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development -- Successful, sustainable economic development

For many years in my career, to better understand a community, Needs Surveys were conducted. Programs would then be created around what residents wanted. The result?The creation of a sense of dependency rather than independence resulted.
Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) creates a spirit of independence and empowers the residents. It begins by identifying the unseen assets with community leaders.

  • The local convenience store
  • A church
  • An empty building
  • The local clinic
  • A vacant lot
  • Many others...

Too many times, these community assets are overlooked at how they can be the solution to community concerns and issues.

Assets are mobilized to address community challenges


ABCD builds on the assets that are already found in the community and mobilizes individuals, associations, and institutions to come together to build on their assets-- not concentrate on their needs. An extensive period of time is spent in identifying the assets of individuals, associations, and then institutions before they are mobilized to work together to build on the identified assets of all involved. Then the identified assets from an individual are matched with people or groups who have an interest or need in that asset. The key is to begin to use what is already in the community. 


Everyone has gifts and talents. 

In low income communities, residents often overlook their own giftedness. Most have been told they have been beat down growing up, at school, on the job and on and on. Some residents can identify their gifts and talents while  others have to discover what they are. 

ABCD focuses on social relationships.

Formal and informal associations, networks, and extended families are treated as assets and also as the means to mobilize other assets of the community. By treating relationships as assets, ABCD is a practical application of the concept of social capital. 

Community Driven

ABCD's community-driven approach is in keeping with the principles and practice of participatory approaches development, where active participation and empowerment (and the prevention of disempowerment) are the basis of practice. It is a strategy directed towards sustainable, economic development that is community-driven. Consulting for Nonprofits affordable housing employee retention

ABCD puts residents at the center

Citizens at the Center, it is essential to engage the wider community as actors (citizens) not just as recipients of services (clients). 


"There is a change in community mindset from "not enough volunteers" to "can-do attitude."   Luis Arroyo

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Employee Retention

In-Service Training Classes and Seminars

Cross train your management and hourly workers for them to better understand each other.

Seminar topics include:

• The resources needed to become financially stable

• Understand the reasoning in making their decisions

• Causes of financial instability

• Learn the mental models of financial instability and financial stability

• The importance of formal register in the workplace

• The Theory of Change

• Hidden Rules of the Workplace

• How to use proper language in the workplace

Jack’s greatest asset ishis knowledge, passion, and experience of working with low-income workers 

for more than 28 years.

Jack has:

• Worked in inner city projects, Section 8 apartment communities, mobile home parks, prisons and skid row motels

• Developed job readiness programs

• Case managed low income workers

• Managed large staffs for more than twenty years

Every time you lose an employee, you lose $4200."                    Society of Human Relations Management


Our Employee Enrichment Program is a holistic approach that drastically improves employee retention!

Let us help you!

Drastically improve your employee retention to provide excellence in the continuum of quality care and services of front line workers. Reduce high turnover costs by providing  the proper management and support to make employees be successful in the workplace. 


Let us help you!


Current Projects

Town of Mount Pleasant, SC

Developing affordable housing for civil workers, teachers, nurses, seniors and the hospitality industry

City of Charleston, SC

Homelessness and Affordable Housing utlizing the 'Housing First' philosophy 

Creating affordable housing for low income residents who can move up the ladder of self-sufficiency

Origin, North Charleston, SC

Preserving an historic settlement community from being developed into a housing subdivision


Press Releases

Affordable Housing 

Progress on Workforce Housing of Mt. Pleasant 

Mount Pleasant housing committee plans to launch nonprofit 


Make Mount Pleasant More Affordable

Consulting for Nonprofits

Baldwin Carson Community Outreach Center 

ECCO launches satellite program in Huger  Moultrie News Oct 1, 2015   

Fundraising Consulting 

A New Place To Play For Cainhoy Kids In Need Daniel Island News Wed, 12/14/2016 - 9:05am admin   


John Boudreaux, Retired Architect, Sisters of Charity Board member, Babcock Center Board member,  Columbia, SC

Murray Michaels,  Vice President of Marketing for the Motor Vehicle Network,  ABC Television Network, New York City,  Isle of Palms, SC

Kristi King-Brock,   

Executive Director, AIM – Anderson, SC 

Frank Smith, Minister of Neighborhood Partnership Missions, First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC.


Miriam Green

Mayor of Awendaw, SC since 2013. 

Dr. Kendra Stewart, Director, Master of Public Administration Program/Riley Center for Livable Communities at the College Of Charleston 


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